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Meet Silas Sarmento: Head of Maintenance at Greenheart Suriname

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

We are pleased to introduce Silas Sarmento, our esteemed Head of the Maintenance Department who has been an integral part of our team for nearly two years. In his role, Silas is responsible for planning and executing maintenance for all our sites to ensure they are prepared for any eventuality. This includes checking and maintaining various equipment, such as motors, loaders, forklifts, sawmills, cross cuts, compressors, generators, and more.

One of the main challenges Silas faces in his work is the delicate nature of the electronic equipment. For instance, setting up frequency inverters can be a complex task, especially in the presence of sawdust, which can interfere with the equipment's functionality. Nonetheless, Silas's expertise in maintenance, commands, and electronics enables him to manage all the sites' planning and supervise the workers' daily activities effectively.

Silas's message to anyone interested in joining the maintenance front is clear: a solid foundation in electronics, mechanics, and welding is crucial. We seek individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain our equipment to the highest standard, and Silas is leading the way in this endeavor. With his guidance, we are confident that our equipment will continue to function smoothly, and that our operations will run efficiently.

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