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Spotlight: The Man Behind the Scenes - Adarsh Soemai

Today, we're shining a spotlight on a true gem in our team, Adarsh Soemai, our dynamic Office Assistant who's been with us for a little over a year.

From bustling work sites to the buzz of the office, Adarsh is all about embracing every aspect of his job. He holds a passion for the tasks he's entrusted with and often finds himself diving deep into varied roles.

His day can involve orchestrating the transportation logistics for the HR Department or ensuring a seamless power supply at the work sites. And that's not all; Adarsh is also the man behind the scenes in the Finance Department, where his knack for numbers sees him dealing with payments. He also has a keen eye for procurement, buying supplies, and keeping a watchful eye on pricing trends in the Sales Department.

However, every job comes with its set of challenges. For Adarsh, it's the unpredictable state of the roads. Tasked with overseeing the transit from city to site, he's no stranger to trucks breaking down on difficult terrains. But, like a true problem-solver, Adarsh always has a plan. Be it sourcing spare parts from other companies at a moment's notice or swiftly deploying a replacement truck, he's always on his toes.

But, what truly stands out about Adarsh? While juggling these myriad responsibilities, he’s also pursuing a degree in Business Economics. The duality of work and study presents its challenges, especially during exam season, but Adarsh believes in striking the right balance. It's about mastering the art of combining both worlds.

And if you're an aspiring professional, Adarsh has a nugget of wisdom for you: Stay committed, prioritize your education, and remember, perseverance always pays off.

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