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Our operations are one of the largest in the Surinamese forestry sector

Our Footprint

Greenheart has helped put the Surinamese forestry sector on an international level by introducing new Surinamese wood species. Currently, we are running a forestry capacity of 10,000 to 12,000 m3 and a sawmill capacity of 5,000 to 6,000 m3.

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From Log to Lumber

At our processing facility downstream, we produce round logs and process it into lumber and finally, into a finished product. Some of the finished products we produce are Kiln-Dried or Air-Dried wooden profiles and decking boards.


The end products can be used for underlayers, posts, railroad sleepers, finger joints, deck frames and surfaces, boat building frames, flooring, construction, furniture, etc. We can make the finished product profiles as 4 sides surfaced, surface grooved, tongue and groove, one or both surfaces reeded and double sided groove.

Our Operations

Greenheart has forestry operations in different areas of the Surinamese forest and sawmill operations in Tibiti and Apura. We also operate in logistics from the forest sites to the sawmills and other processing facilities, and the port. All these field operations are managed from our head office in Paramaribo with the majority being carried out by a local team. Our forestry and sawmill operations are executed in accordance with national guidelines and international standards. As a responsible operator in the forestry business, we take the environment and the well-being of our workers very serious. Health and safety are key to all of our operations.

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