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Greenheart Suriname Forestry

We make sure that future generations can make use of what we leave behind.

Sustainable Forest Management

Our forestry operations are driven by the Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) procedures; both our contractors as well as our own field crews are trained in the different modules of Reduced Impact Logging (RIL), which plays a major role in SFM.

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Greenheart Suriname Forestry

The forestry activities consist out of:

Road Planning,
& Construction


Felling and Skidding
of The logs


Inventory &
Tree selection




Skid Trail & Landing Planning, Flagging & Construction


Loading And Transport
of The Logs to Different Locations



Each activity is carried out based on the different procedures and rules of SFM; the Foundation of Forest Management and Production Control (SBB) is the forest authority in Suriname; they monitor the different forestry activities; where required, SBB carries out field inspections after which approvals are granted before the next activity can take place.


Within our operations sustainable use of our natural renewable resource, the forest, is interconnected and carried out as much as possible; by doing this we are making sure that future generations can and will make use of what we leave behind.

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