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Sustainable Forestry

Forests have long been a dwelling place for many species including humans. The trees provide shade from the burning heat but they are also a means of how some people support their families. With the need for more wood being demanded at a faster pace, many areas mostly turn barren causing wildlife to seek shelter elsewhere. Exploiting wood with disregard for the environment not only disturbs the ecosystem but it also has a huge impact on climate change.

The forest as a whole is vital to life on Earth because the trees regulate the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and toxic gasses and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. Trees also prevent erosion and help improve the quality of the soil. Deforestation on a massive scale means fewer trees fulfilling their duty which means the air will get warmer which can lead to many disastrous events like landslides. A way to tackle this problem is by implementing sustainable forest management.

Sustainable forest management or sustainable forestry means conserving the forest for generations to come. It is about managing the forest in an effective and efficient way that is beneficial for both mankind and its environment. It also creates more space for wildlife to reside in.

Greenheart cares about the environment which is why every activity is carefully planned, from selecting trees to laying out the skid trails. Our contractors and our field crew are well trained to make sure the forestry activities follow the procedures and rules of Sustainable Forest Management. Alongside The Foundation of Forest Management and Production Control (SBB) and an international audit team for the LegalSource certification, our forestry and sawmill operations are monitored so that we can keep producing quality wood and wood products that meet international standards while also preserving the forest for future generation.

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