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Why You Should Build Your Dream Home With Wood

Building your dream house is a process that involves careful consideration. From choosing the land to designing the layout, and all the way to the finishing touches; every step is as important as the next and requires careful consideration. One of the most essential steps is choosing the right materials and it just so happens that throughout history wood has stayed one of the most used building materials.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use wood in your dream house construction:

1. Wood is a long-term sustainable construction material

Wood is a renewable raw material, making it a sustainable way to build. Greenheart Suriname prides itself as one of the most sustainable lumber producers in the Guyana belt.

2. Wood has a high weight-to-strength ratio

Wood is a light material and has a high load-bearing capacity, which makes it easy to transport and allows it to be used in construction in countless ways. It’s even stronger than steel when it comes to self-support length, which means it can support its own weight better. This makes it possible to build larger spaces with fewer necessary supports in some building designs.

3. Wood has acoustic properties

Rather than reflecting or amplifying sounds, wood absorbs sound. This can significantly reduce noise levels and echo for additional comfort, especially when compared to harder and smoother materials, such as metals or rocks.

4. Wood helps with health

Research shows that spending time in wooden buildings makes us feel good. It is believed that the positive effects come from the way it affects indoor air quality, moisture balance, comfort, and acoustics for the better. We also experience wood as natural, which simulates the feeling of being outdoors.

5. Wood is beautiful

Each wood species has a different aesthetic and offers other properties. No matter the need and taste there’s a wood that will fit it

Here at Greenheart, we have a wide variety of tropical hard and soft wood types, all of which can be used when building and decorating your dream home. Some of our most popular choices include:

  • Basralocus

One of the most popular choices when it comes to hardwood floors, Basralocus gives a rich and luxurious feel when laid down and polished.

Other uses: heavy carpentry, shipbuilding (planking & deck), hydraulic works, interior joinery, veneer, stairs, bridges (parts not in contact with water or ground), and cabinetry.

  • Kopi

Kopi is a strong wood that is used as a load bearer, for example in roof construction or in door and window framing. Another popular use is in the building of hardwood stairs.

Other uses: Interior and exterior joinery, framing, flooring, stairs, bridge decking, sleepers, plywood.

  • Hoogland Gronfolo

Often used for formwork and/or roof construction, the wood is also loved for its beautiful pink to light brown color and can be seen used as flooring, veneers, or even in types of furniture.

Other uses: flooring, furniture, veneer, plywood

Contact our sales team to purchase wood for your home.

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