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Greenheart Suriname Continues Its Tradition of Giving to the Huber Foundation

In the spirit of giving and community support, Greenheart Suriname is elated to share the news of our latest donation to the Huber Foundation. On November 23, 2023, we had the privilege of donating 42 packs of 5KG chickens, contributing to the festive spirit of the season. This donation was specifically intended to enrich the Christmas hampers for their wards, adding a touch of warmth and joy to their holiday celebrations.

At Greenheart Suriname, we understand that our responsibility extends beyond our business endeavors. It's about nurturing a sense of community and lending a helping hand where it's most needed. The Huber Foundation's dedication to caring for some of the most vulnerable members of our society resonates deeply with our core values.

We are hopeful that our continued support of organizations like the Huber Foundation will inspire others in our community to come forward and contribute in their ways. Together, we can make a substantial impact and help in building a more inclusive and caring society.

Greenheart Suriname remains dedicated to its mission of creating positive change and supporting initiatives that enhance the quality of life in our communities. We look forward to more opportunities to give back and help pave the way for a brighter future for Suriname.

Let's continue to spread love and joy this holiday season and beyond.

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