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In Conversation With Santoesha

Meet Santoesha Achthoven, a hard-working and determined woman who enjoys working with her colleagues and is willing to learn more about her line of work. She is our Human Resources and Administration Officer at Greenheart that started as a data entry clerk in the Forestry department ten years ago. From then on, she entered the administration department where she began her work as a receptionist and later became an assistant while working alongside her manager who inspired her and gave her the space to grow and develop her skills.

As a Human Resources and Administration Officer, Santoesha is responsible for managing a sufficient workflow such as distributing files and reports to other departments and keeping the company informed on issues and the latest news. She also has to be receptive and approach problems courteously and professionally to maintain a healthy work environment and enhance the performance of our employees. One of the challenges Santoesha faces daily is communicating complaints with constructive criticism to provide an effective solution that will lessen any misunderstandings or setbacks that may occur within the company.

Put in the effort. You can do it. It’s not difficult if you’re willing to learn and do what you need to do. And above all, be sincere and candid in doing your job. It’s how you’ll improve. - Santoesha Achthoven

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