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In Conversation With Cedric

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Versatility, creativity, and being analytical when confronted with issues in the workplace are skills Cedric Hudson developed in his 11 years of working at Greenheart.

His career began in the dry chambers and boilers, where his colleague taught him the procedures for operating the systems in this facility. After completing his tasks, Cedric trained for a job in the production facility, where he’s now our proud Kiln Dry Supervisor.

When the sales department receives an order, Cedric communicates with the client and ensures his team delivers the requested products on time. Despite facing the challenge of achieving the desired results and encountering many obstacles like technical issues with machines, power failures, or an insufficient workforce, Cedric still enjoys his work. For him, learning about the different types of wood and seeing the process of logs made into pieces of timber make his job as a supervisor exciting.

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