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We are the first company in Suriname that is LS Certified

In June 2020, Greenheart was the first company in Suriname to receive the LS certification.

In September 2019 Greenheart started its journey of getting certified again. Looking at the different
certificates the company came across the LS certification type, which fits in the vision of the company as this certification type is mostly focused on the legality of the products.

Greenheart has its own concessions and processing facilities. The end product can be traced back to the stump in the forest with an internal tracking system.

Certification against the LS standard allows the company to demonstrate that it is minimizing the risks of producing or sourcing illegal timber products. The company is in compliance with the applicable legislation in Suriname for harvesting as well as along the entire supply chain.

We are on constant watch for global certification to strengthen our position and improve our quality.

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