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About Greenheart 

From forest exploitation to wood processing

In 2011 Greenheart took its first step to become a wood producing company in Suriname. In August 2012, we strengthened our sustainable operations in Suriname with the construction of a processing facility in West Suriname, one of the largest of its kind in the Suriname and Guyana belt. Our activities range from forest exploitation to wood processing. Working according to strict international forestry rules and regulations has made us to be one of the most sustainable forestry operating companies in Suriname.

Greenheart Suriname
Greenheart Suriname Wood

We offer variety

With us, top class wood is guaranteed

Greenheart focuses on export of top class wood that meets all international quality marks. We strive primarily to serve the growing wood deficit by operating sustainably and responsibly. With a range of clients from Europe, America, Asia, we strive to always produce high quality.


Our Values

Reliable & Trustworthy

Environment Conscious

Professional & Experienced

Our Commitment

We commit ourselves to produce legal forest products following the legislation applicable to harvest and trade of forest products.

Health & Safety

Safety Is Key

When we take on forest management, harvesting or wood processing we also commit to the health & safety of the operation. We take the safety of our staff and contractors seriously and provide health and safety trainings to protect everyone on site.

Regular on site audits on equipment and procedures like communicating the hazards, identifying safe access to the work site, incident reporting and emergency management planning are done to ensure a safe work environment.

Fire Safety

Many substances found in the work environment, like flammable chemicals and welding gases can cause fires or explosions. At Greenheart we train our teams how to prevent accidents that may happen on site.

First Aid

Employers are also responsible for the safety of their employees. That is why we also provide first aid training to ensure the safety of our workers and minimize the number of incidents.

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Image by Larm Rmah

The Heart of Greenheart

Greenheart Suriname has a strong humanitarian principle and gives back to the community whenever possible, as we believe it is one of the important things to do.

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